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Thursday, January 26, 2012


WOW!!  Do you remember, when you were growing up, how you so looked forward to certain birthdays....because they were really special ones?  Turning 13.....16....18....21.  And it seemed that these special bdays would NEVER get here!!!  Ohhh, how I wanted time to pass so much swifter than it did.  After all, once I turned 13 I was no longer a CHILD.....but a TEENAGER!!!   And turning 16 just brought about all sorts of wonderfulness with it.  There was dating...and more privileges.  How special was that!!!  Time just seemed to drag ever so slowly.

But now....NOW!!!  Ohhhh time.....will you please slow down!!

We are now into the year 2012.  I am thankful that I have come this far but wish that time would take on the slow-paced feeling of yesteryear.  I have so much to still much I want to enjoy.  And it seems like time is running on and leaving me behind.....LOL    *SIGH*

Anyway.....WELCOME TO 2012 EVERYONE!!!   May you be blessed more than you ever have been before.

In my last posting, I talked of how I love to collect things and how sentimental I am about my collections.  My family thinks I am quite weird about the sentimentality I have towards "stuff".   My thinking is that they are so wrong.  They just do not understand what is behind most things that touch me so, for each item usually has a story behind it or a special memory connected to it.

In the next several postings, I want to share with you things that are precious to me or just collections that I love.  I hope you will enjoy seeing them  :)

I love the lamp.  I bought a pair of them at an auction.  They are hand-painted and are actually called desk lamps but really, they are too big for a desk.  When I spotted them, I just had to have them.  I was having to bid against antique dealers and the bidding got pretty fierce.  But I knew a secret!!  I had worked in many shops myself and knew how markups were I planned in my mind that I could overbid them and win the prized lamps because they would not be able to sell them if they paid too much.  There were some unhappy bidders when I won....but I was not one of them!!!  *snicker*   I could afford to bid higher because I was not going to be reselling the price was reasonable for me, but not for them.  That was many years ago and I still love them very much.

The candy dish....oh what a treasure that is to me!!!   Throughout my childhood, I always saw that dish sitting in my grandma's house.  It is a part of her and gives me wonderful memories of her and her home. I am so pleased that it is now sitting in my home.

The wonderful clock is very old.  It belonged to my husband's great-grandfather.  Gary says he remembers seeing his great-grandfather one time when he was very young.  The clock was passed down to Gary's grandfather and forever was on their mantel.  Then, when Papa Schultz passed away, the clock passed down to Gary's mother.  His parents are still living but a year ago they went through life changes and are now living with my husbands sister and her husband.  So many, many of their things were sold and some of the more precious things were passed down to her children and grandchildren.  We only had (1) special request..and that was to be able to have this beautiful clock.

There is a specialness with this clock, not only because of the passing down, but how it was used.  The great-grandfather was blind.  So, he would open the front of the clock and run his fingers around it to "see" what time it was.  The face of the clock is rubbed smooth from his fingers....a sweet reminder of loved ones who are no longer with us.

You will see me post alot about my grandmother for awhile.  She was such a wonderful fun, a wonderful storyteller, an excellent cook.  And she treated me like I was "all that and a bag of chips"...LOL  I am thankful that Mom has given me several things that were once my grandmothers...and were in the home that I mostly grew up in.  It is hard to explain what a comfort these "things" give me but they just have a way of reaching way down inside of me and filling a very special place in my heart.  The little bunny was made by me about 25 years or so ago.

Forever it seems, I had asked mom over and over to let me have the Redwing Pottery cookie jar.  I cannot fault her for hanging on to it, but ohhhhhh, I wanted it so bad.  Mom surprised me with it on our 25th wedding anniversary.  I just cried.......I adore it and can still see it in my mind, sitting on the bureau in grandmas dining room.  Just makes me smile......

The (2) pigs belonged to my mother.  Now I know it seems strange that I might want them, but there is a story....and remember, I am extremely sentimental...LOL   The pig on the right was carved out of cork by mom when she was a little girl.  The other piggy was the first thing that she ever bought with her own money.  See??? sweet.   They are not just pigs to me but a part of my mom, complete with the stories behind them that allow me to be able to look into her past.

OK....sit back a sec 'cause there are lots of memories attached to this photo.  First of all, the doll.  She belonged to my mother.  Mom has a twin sister and they were gifted these dolls when they were 10 years old.  ...the "girls" are fixing to be 82 years old in March.  That makes this doll very special.  The sweater set was a baby gift given to my mom....for me!!!  The dress was handmade out of parachute material and embroidered by my dear Aunt Syble as a baby gift for me!!  The crocheted shoes on the doll were a baby gift given to me when I had my 1st child.  You probably cannot tell real well, unless you enlarge the photo, that there is a pair of socks and a pair of sandals on the side of the doll.  Those were mine when I was a little one.   Memories...such sweet, sweet memories.  OK...of course I do not remember all those items being mine as a baby, but I DO remember hearing the stories  :)

I hope you have enjoyed seeing and hearing about some of my treasures.  By and by, I will be sharing more with you.  I will not put them all in one posting....couldn't do it anyway.  I seem to be blessed with alot of wonderful memory makers.  :)

Till next time....wishing you blessings and giving you *HUGS*


Linda said...

Janet Hill(left message on FB).. Linda, your Blog is so beautiful it made my heart skip a beat! Thank you for sharing. ♥ I loved it ♥

Linda said...

(I took this from FB) Aline Heathman I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog, Linda. So interesting. I have a few things I treasure too. Not worth much but so many memories are attached.

Linda said...

(I brought this over from FB)Janet Hill ~ Once upon a time, I took an 1862 Tower Enfield rifle to an antique appraisal fair. My Dad traded a pocket knife for that gun when he was 13 years old. The Confederate Veteran who carried it had just died and his son preferred a pocket knife over the old gun. The appraiser said guns like that are a dime a dozen, but he'd be charitable and appraise it at $150. I laughed as I went out the door, having just learned a great lesson....

...If someone else had a gun like mine I wouldn't give $150 for it. But I wouldn't take a million dollars for mine. It's the memories that make the thing valuable to me. I'll never take another of my treasures to an antique appraisal again!

Linda said...

(I brought this over from FB)

Deborah Marquart ~ Your blog is fantastic. You've taken great care of our Mom's things as well as our Grandma's. Good to see that. Thanks for sharing.

curlyrose49 said...

Just read your blog and just love it. I have somethings that me alot to me but not to anyone else. My grandmothers Foldgers red coffee scoop that she used everyday to make coffee for my grandfather. His old beige mug(not very pretty but it was his) dishes he gave my Mom from when he was single. I even have things from my Great-Grandma I was part of 4 then 5 generations<3 Sandy