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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Storing Memories

Naomi...........................Gary's sister
Tim...............................Naomi's husband
Jackson.........................Tim and Naomi's son
Denise...........................our daughter
Lloyd.............................Denise's husband

I am starting this off with a "cast of characters" so that you will know who I am talking about.

My father-in-laws 84th birthday was this week, Feb. 9th.   Jack is such an amazing man.  Gary and I will be married 42 yrs. this Monday, Feb. 13th.  I have been so blessed to be able to have Jack for my father.  Recently, I told him how much I appreciated him for being such a wonderful christian example to our family.   I told him that I appreciated him for welcoming me into his family.....for putting up with me while I was still "growing up".  He actually gained another child because I was only 18 years old!!! I let him know how much I loved him.  

In September of 2011 ( I think this is correct ), Jack was diagnosed with a form of lymphoma.  He has gone through chemo....his last treatment will be on March 2nd.  On that day, he gets to "ring the bell".  That will be his way of saying  "I have made it!!....I am done!!....I am out of here!!"

He shows no signs of cancer right now.  We are so thankful to God and to the medical team that has taken care of thankful that we still have him with us.  Certainly this has been a great trial for him, but he has done well.  Having had cancer myself and knowing what it is like to go through chemo treatments, I am able to appreciate what he has suffered and for what lies ahead for him.

He has lost alot of weight....he is frail and unsteady.  Hopefully, he will soon begin to get a better appetite and put some weight on his body.  I know that the strength does not return fast.  I am 4 1/2 years cancer free and am still struggling with the tiredness and low energy levels.  But I can also see a great improvement from how I was feeling these past 4 1/2 years.  I pray that God will be merciful to Jack due to his age and bless him with renewed strength before long so that he will be able to enjoy what time he has left.

As a birthday gift to himself, Jack wanted to be able to come to Tyler, which is about 3 to 3 1/2 hours from where they live, to see his 8 great-grandchildren......and hopefully, the rest of us......LOL   We (Lloyd, Denise, their 8 children, Gary and I) live on 11 acres in the piney woods of East Texas.  Gary and I live across the driveway from our daughters family.  Lucky us!!!  We love being able to watch our grandchildren growing up.  For that matter, we even like watching Denise and Lloyd growing up!!  :)  Living here with them is such a blessing and we appreciate so much that they asked us to move here on their land with them.

So today Tim, Naomi, their son Jackson, Jack and Dottie came to Tyler for a fish fry.  This was planned during the week when the weather was cool..not cold...but just nice.  Wouldn't you know that a cold front blew in and it was miserably cold today!!!  Low 30's, with a breeze that made the chill factor in the 20's....brrrr.   We ladies were very thankful that it was the men standing outside frying that fish!!!  If it had been left to us, it would have been done on the stove instead of in the deep fryer...LOL

Tim, Gary and Adam braving the cold!!

Gary and Jackson

1st Batch in....

We finally were able to sit down to a wonderful meal of fried fish, hush puppies, hashbrown casserole, deviled eggs and a delicious succotash.

Is there anything more special than spending time with those you love???

Our oldest granddaughter, Morgan, is an awesome cook and baker.  She served us a divine Hershey Candy Bar Cake....OH MY WORD!!!!   That cake was so wonderful we were all talking about it....lots of  "mmm..." sounds being uttered.

2 year old Anna loved it so much that she even licked her plate!!!  LOL  She wanted to make certain that she got every last bit of that wonderfulness!!

Ella Grace was so happy that she finally got her piece of cake  :)

Heather, our "almost" 16 yr. old granddaughter, blessed us with her piano playing.  Watching and listening to her play made my heart feel like it was filled with tears of joy......I am just so proud of her talents and the way that shes uses them.

Heather blessing us with her music

Morgan, Heather  &  Me
These 2 darlings are my pride and joy!!!

The day ended with us sitting around playing the "do you remember" game....telling about some of our "devilish moments" when we were younger and just laughing and laughing.

Mother and Son sharing a special moment

Jack was able to go home a happy man.  He was weak....but he was content to sit and listen to the stories and the laughter of those he loves.  I think for many of us the specialness of this day will remain with and forever.

"FAMILY ~ where Life begins and Love never ends"


Monyca Jolley said...

Loved your story. Love the blessedness of family. Reading this made my heart smile :)

Linda said...

Message left on FB:

Sandra Perry Bollier ~ Linda loved reading about the family we have known for so many years. You are blessed. Lots of HUGS to you

Linda said...

Jackie Vick "Liked" on FB :)

Linda said...

Message left on FB:

Janet Hill ♥ ♥ Linda! Your Blog is a Blessing! Thank you for sharing. ♥ ♥

curlyrose49 said...

What a great post Linda. I love the story and the fact that you could all be together for Jack. The story telling must have made him smile at the things you all did when you were younger. Love that the children where there to help out and I think I could hear the piano too! I need the recipe for that cake I gained 10lbs just looking at it. I see that the other Sandra read this too LOL. Happy Anniversary to you and Gary. Hugs my friend. Snady

tomslady said...

Oh Linda you did a wonderful job describing the day! I loved your story, and because I know all of you it was more enjoyable! You did a great job!!

ღ soraya ღ said...

nice post...Thanks for sharing...looking for to visit more...blessings soraya